Drool ‘SNCMH’

She Never Cut My Hair’, appropriate lockdown locks licks from a bold rock release by Drool. In less than two and a half minutes you want more. We caught up for an interview.

Meet a credible career potential, must-hear band.

So, it’s like that, is it? From Spring to Autumn 2020, home grown stars in waiting are gonna unleash some of the biggest tunes while we’re in lockdown dreaming of where our heads will bob in unison to crashing power chords as we sing along, part of the show. Drool are no exception. This has an international sound that embraces hard rock, T-Rex and The Pixies without sounding derivative.

Drool know what they’re up to. This is the third single from the London quartet.

The story so far – 2018

Vocalist and writer, Joey Rogers, joined forces with ex Vant drummer Martin Soderin and guitarist Louis Greenway. In April 2018, bassist Joe Bennison completed the band.

In a June 2018 article, we reported that “This band made TheZineUK sit up with an expansive rock sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a gothic cathedral with acid trip coloured stained glass windows.” and we stand by that.

After many circuit gigs (including a sold-out Paper Dress Vintage) they rounded off that year at The Riverside, Newcastle, opening for Black Grape.


Their first release, the single ‘Fun’ (January), picked up instant, addicted attention (over 70,000 monthly Spotify listeners included). Much of that was owed to the music video gaining traction on Reddit (currently heading for 30,000 views on YouTube)

With second single – the fuzzed up dreamgaze rock of ‘Junkyard’ (April) – they went on to support The Pale White, Band of Skulls and The Mysterines. Drool perfected their live act on a headline European Tour.

Due to contractual complications, the band were unable to release further singles until now.

May 2020

Freshly unleashed via Awal, SNCMH is a visceral and infectious mega-TUNE with rousing riffs edging unashamedly catchy pop. Frontman Joey says: “It’s a fun, confident rock and roll track. My favourite records are ones you want to stick on in the car with mates and sing along to.”

Inspired by the intimate vocal delivery of Billie Eilish and soaring guitar hooks of The Strokes, they took the track to ex-Tribes guitarist and producer Dan White at his studio in London Fields. “We have had the song in our repertoire for a long time, but in the studio, with Dan, the song found new life” A live favourite with their fans it sounds like a winner that will see them through these dystopian days.

Heather Minx was recently in conversation with Joey, finding out how Drool are doing in lockdown;

Heather: How are you guys doing?

Joey : “We’re doing ok – it’s interesting in a world where bands are forcing themselves to create content from home. I don’t think the ‘acoustic zoom gig’ is natural to every performer and it’s sometimes hard, thinking of ways to continue to be relevant.”

H: What have you found to comfort you during this time? Any music you are deep diving into?

“It is tough at the moment, but we go in waves of what comforts us. I (Joey) have dived into 50’s rock and roll – have made a really good playlist actually! Lots of Eddie Cochran, Elvis, Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry etc – banger after banger!”

What do you think lies in the future for live music?

“I think the future of live music is exactly that – LIVE music. I feel like larger venues / outdoor spaces will hold smaller capacity gigs so everyone can be equally spaced/ stick with your specific circle. There will be a way but I don’t think 2020 will be the year of great gigs.”

4… Are you doing any online shows?

“We prefer to make other content but I am getting the nudge to do some by management and band mates.

I’m not really a fan of online gigs. I find them tacky/ pointless. The artists who excel there are usually the most narcissistic – loving the chance to take videos of themselves.  Luckily we had three singles already recorded and a video ready to go, ha!

If I can find a way of doing it without making myself cringe then for sure, why not! I really like ‘How Far?’ By Gorrilaz, ‘Where The Fuck Did April G’o by The Streets, and ‘Second’ by Sleaford Mods.”

It will be waiting for, trust.

‘She Never Cut My Hair’ is the first of three singles produced by Dan White. The next, ‘Playground Wars’ is scheduled to be released six weeks later. Drool have a lot of material in their catalogue and are working hard to release as many singles as possible in a year like this. What a strong start! Here’s the video,
Directed, Produced and Edited by Joey Rogers




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