20 June: Balcony Festival 6 at 6pm!

#BalconyOnlineFest 6, Saturday 20th June 2020 from 6pm GMT

Saturday midsummer, Team Balcony Festival (Artists, Audience, Allies) are raising awareness and funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

Virtual reality, top entertainment, social (inclusion multi-) media! Bookmark the streaming URL and meet up 6pm Solstice Saturday 20th June – in friendship.

The artful rockers, David Devant & His Spirit Wife will delight on The Joyzine Stage alongside a formidable cast of talent: Velvet Starlings on The Gigslutz Stage, Sherika Sherard on The Benumu Stage, Ailsa Tully on God Is In The TV Stage, Idealistics on The Quarantini Stage, I Am Her on The Loud Women Stage, Fightmilk on the Reckless Yes Stage and The News At Six is that RTN Makes Music is gracing TheZineUK Stage with a live show premiere!

instagram.com/rtnmakesmusic/ : “As someone who is often at the mercy of their mental health, this is a cause close to my heart, and on a lighter note, it’s technically my FIRST EVER SOLO GIG and I will 100% be bringing the *drama*”

RtN Makes Music graced our (Lou Schofield x TheZineUK) #FuturePicks live launch in January. 2020 didn’t go to anybody’s plans, but it’s super-heart warming to find ourselves re-united for such a great cause. Rhiannon continues;

“Thank you all so much for your support. I hope you are all keeping safe, well and strong despite everything that’s happening in the world right now. To the BAME and LGBT+ communities especially, I love you and I stand with you completely “

We will stand together again, virtually, this weekend.

With prevention at the heart of what they do, the Mental Health Foundation aim to find and address the sources of mental health problems so that as many people and communities can thrive.

Balcony Festival is always a start to finish array of must-see, must-hear performances.

Sherika’s faith in music meant that she dropped out of university and went from busking to The Jazz Cafe, Ronnie Scotts international bookings and duetting with/opening for Seal! Spike Lee personally chose “We Don’t Need a Reason” to feature on his Netflix Series ‘She’s Gotta Have it’. A key performer of the next entertainment industry.

Idealistics – recent #FuturePicks at TheZineUK

Music blogs and promoters united include our host, Music Journalist Louise Schofield and Stream Host Joyzine with Louder Than War, CroCroLand, Benumu, Loud Women, Gigslutz, God Is In The TV, Sonic Tonic, Quarantini Virtual Bar, Reckless Yes and the Bechdel Sound Test… all making this documentary take on a new twist in 2020.

Can’t wait to meet up and chat in real time again without disturbing the artists performance one jot!

Top notch CroCroLand alumni, Fightmilk, hitting the Reckless Yes stage… it’s a reckless YES from us!

In a time of daily re-assessing what we think that we know, 2020 is havoc for our minds. “I Am Not A Number. I Am A Free Man” (The Prisoner). One of the most surreal 1960s dramas is a bit like Earth’s new reality as Balcony‘s inclusive community scouting, creating and presenting reaches Event number 6 on behalf of the Mental Health Foundation. There is nothing wrong with our minds feeling out of sorts. We hope you will enjoy, in joy.

Attend/Invite to the FB event for updates and fullest info – including stage times! https://facebook.com/events/728909057917309/

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