Generation Tremorists

Working with exciting music talents as a compulsive lifestyle, I trust my ears/pulse and am humbled to be part of TheZineUK’s three degrees of happening over six years of adventures.

I gasp at rising star tingles in spaces where cons cull (thriving!) culture: #SaveOurVenues!

Otherwordly soundtracking from a WEALTH of colourful reaility back story. This list doesn’t even “touch the sides”

Punk Rock is in the he(art) of the beholder. Personally, “Newer Wave” ain’t genre, geography, conforming/not, hype/hip etc. It’s unashamed people-pleasuring passionately, purely.

Bombastic Pop Guitar rewilded rhythms crystalised into dazzling, dirty, dystopia-dousing diamonds. Bomb Pop EXPLODES live. 2020’s a downer.

Yoohoo from Under The Radar!
#NewerWave of #FertileEnvironment video playlist by Live Events Department of TheZineUK
42 Names From This Tale. Click Video Playlist.

Nearly everybody’s skint, too. Rewards come even later nowadays (as this story attests, also reporting via picture books). That itself began when working class women bonded via Artbeat Poetry. A few years later, situationism wove this tapestry with our friends.

Diversity’s in our DIY DNA, fun’s in our fundamentalism (Manics are in our street preaching and groove is in the heart). Our Uniqulture? Allies disagree on many subjects, but have more in common, thanks to music.

We consistently forge fresh futures. Above clip: Chenaii Madhoo, now of Ragged Cult with musician/producer legend, Gordon Raphael – A giggled 2015 moment about The Strokes

2015. #No3Expo (42 stalls incl. Stage & Bar). Polstar Photography.

Thank you all who are on side to share/observe this movement of good and bad, it’s largely propelled by gig moments with austerity as backdrop.

April 2016 Artful Expo of talent seeds.

Pre Brexshit, Couch-critics droned“Guitar Bands Are Over”. Nope. TheZineUK partied on a rising circuit, ablaze with potential that would impress investigation.

One year after Brexit. Game ON! Moments by TheZineUK, Abbie McCarthy and This Feeling

“Seen/Heard it all before.” If you don’t listen or support then how do you know? I’m STILL discovering.

This Feeling Big In 2018. Katie Owen‘s first filmed interview for TheZineUK. The entire bill go onto bigger things (also, Katie presented on BBC Radio1 Christmas 2019).

These stories are ALIVE. We need escapist dimensions because Planet Earth has lost it’s frickin’ fracking mind. Humans aren’t mentally match-fit in multiple disaster movie mode. Anxiety/Love – is not a crime. Breathe!

May 2018, Kick Out The Jams, Brighton

Save Our Venues to experience brazen brilliance of the main-stage-strutting kind or just raucous FUN! Affordably, intimately, unforgettably.

July 2018 Music mover shakers at The Camden Mix Up (Kick Out The Jams)

WE consistently find new faves but refuse to leave respected treasure behind in the scrabble for “Next!”. Artists are the audiovisual truth of a climate emergency pandemic. Our cast evolves in chapters and we can’t unhear potential. We’ve seen most of the mentioned, live/on line, booked, befriended some. They all matter.

April 2019. Blueprint of “How To Festival”. The sold out debut CroCroLand Festival united so much and started even more…

On a personal level, I’m still into bands I worked with years ago. Some are well known but weren’t initially hip. New music still gifts potential. There are soulful rewards for those who find their own fresh faves under the profiled radar. See their wide grins at shows and via their social media euphoria. We need, nay, DEMAND, more Joy! Can’t WAIT to gig again!

October 2019 Smiley & The Underclass on their second DIY tour of Japan!

BTW. What is with the blandstand mainstream charts? I’m old, not dead. Kudos to radio, bloggers, playlisters exposing sparkling potential. Amazing talents can have nothing (but hope and courage!) to lose. Most ain’t “Living The Stream” financially. Fame and fortune’s trickle-down to them is tiny. Success often has ladders pulled up behind it, plus gatekeepers!

How to mend the #BrokenRecord industry, artists first?
Extraordinary marketable culture. Belief in unfamous music-notes is not for all money-notes-people

Generations always gonna tut at each other but the wealth of anecdotes seasoned music lovers pass onto youth and the energy/ideas/tech flowing back, flavours this “best and worst of times”.

Youth are… Grime bosses, climate scienced and see Black Lives Matter is a People -v- Racists thing …for all futures. Unity is power, so big up all punky Zoomers n Boomers!

#2020Vision clarity. Scales fall from eyes.

A culture clash of artful rockers have come together, torn apart, co-promoted/supported. It’s musical medical magical poetry in emotion!

#Interdependent #FertileEnvironment in TheZineUK story
… + 100s of zines/radios, studios + 3 Degrees of Separation!

Serious question. Why don’t ALL music media / business etc., report extensively and repeatedly on our industry’s virtual government: Music Venue Trust? The heritage culture of the intimate show circuit, feeds EVERY level.

29 Feb 2020 – 1/2 minute of the DIY Label & Magazine Fair!

Our 2020 started with industry meetings, #FuturePicks TV, a sponser… Then we crashed with everybody else to bleak bollocks. But…

“We are adapting” Idealistics
(Balcony Festival 6, Summer Solstice)

TEAM! (Balcony Festival)

Music generations are tremoring future possibilities.

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