Madame So

“I don’t believe art, including music, should necessarily be explained”

Madame So interview by Kelly Munro

From writing about music to composing sonic experiments with lyrics that have experienced reality, Madame So strides post punk dimensions.

A wordsmith musician whose comparisons include PJ Harvey and Patti Smith, the Paris-born singer – song writer is based in London.

New song, ‘Generation Y’, is loaded: Intense tangents of tempos. Guitars singing the harmonies while backing vocals are instruments. Increasingly sculptured with each listen, it winds up tight like a Wonderland clock until ticking out to finale.

It’s definitely time we found out more about Madame So, one of the stars in our documentary.

November 2019, The Camden Mix Up (Sick Love EP launch)

June 2019, rocking up. Madame So filming the ‘Year Of Rage’ video by deux furieuses.

June 2020, Locked Down and in conversation with Kelly Munro, who asked;

How long have you been making music?

“I’ve been making music for about eight years. Like many singer-songwriters I started on the open-mic scene, then fleshed my music out with a band when recording ‘The Sell-by Date EP’ in 2013.”

What’s been some highlights so far on your musical journey?

Each of my records is a highlight for me: actually, releasing music and sharing it with people, and putting my songwriting and perspective on life in context through these recordings.

My songs, ‘Sell-by Date’ and ‘Camden Scene’ cutting it to BBC Introducing.

My connection with LOUD WOMEN: playing the first two editions of their festivals, my song Black is Beautiful featuring on their Volume 1 compilation, being the first cover woman of their e-zine (issue #13) …

Bringing rock music to the Bastille Day festival in Borough Market which was packed. It was cool because this type of event is often filled  very safe chanson française.

Getting my first fan art from a Brazilian illustrator named Tomas Santos through Instagram, which has now flourished into us two collaborating on much of the artwork you will see from me in future.

Madame So, the band
Autumn 2019 by Ellanie Marinucci

You live in London but are originally from Paris. How does it affect your music living in the capital(s)? Does it even?

I am a city person for sure, but only really started making music seriously when living in London so I couldn’t compare it with Paris. This said, I always enjoy performing in Paris where audiences truly do engage. But ultimately being a city person, making music in the city surrounding makes my music quite “urban” I guess.

Your single is called ‘Generation Y’. Tell us more: Is there a meaning or story behind the song?

Yes, it does and it is two-sided or even two-faced if you will:

On the one hand, Generation Y is a reflection on how younger generations are perceived by their older counterparts and how this judgement snowballs from generation to generation. Every older generation seems to resent the younger, more forward-thinking ones, forgetting they too were once the younger generation, and part of progress in the making.

On the other, it is a bit of fuck you voicemail to the shallowness of human relationships these days.

But ultimately, I don’t believe art including music should necessarily be explained and would rather let the listener find their meaning, their own truth in a song.”

Lyric Video

What albums do you never get tired of listening to?

“‘Baltimore’ by Nina Simone, Grandpaw Would by Ben Lee, and lately I can’t enough of ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’ by Fiona Apple”

What can we expect from you this year?   

“I will be releasing a few more singles, all accompanied with their respective lyric videos (sadly the imposed format of our times in the current state of affairs) and hopefully when it’s safe to do so, perform this new material live with my band.”

Madame So 
“If I pushed your buttons, I’ve accomplished my mission” 

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