This Earth is F**ked. Too Many Ts are Treemendous

News: Too Many Ts release ‘This Earth is F**ked’ video alongside a huge mission to plant Too Many Trees. Something our planet can NEVER have.

More: UK hip-hop duo rally fans to plant millions of trees. A lively up beats ballad of rage, comedy and concern it’s a rapped rallying cry to join up, step up and make a real difference. 2020 is a year for such vision.

‘This Earth is F**ked’ video was produced by
The Rattle, an artist-first music community putting creators in power, which Too Many Ts are part of.

True to form, the award winning UK hip-hop duo (already in our documentary as Star Turns –
ambassadors for ethical streetwear brand THTC), are using their music to elevate awareness and engage their dedicated fanbase to take positive social action.

“The aim is to create content that will give people fun, empowerment, knowledge or joy… we want to make people feel and/or do good.”

Produced alongside France’s DJar One, ‘This Earth is F**ked’ is an upbeat, funk-infused, old school hip-hop jam with a hard hitting lyrical reality check on world issues that works its way through climate change, pollution, deforestation, corporate greed, and hypocrisy – while maintaining the wit and humour that is synonymous with Too Many T’s. Born entertainers.

With two acclaimed albums (over five million plays for their debut ‘South City’) and that viral ‘Boris next door’ video, these ever-popular festival faves (absolutely uplifting, live!) are focusing on their passion for environmental issues with this release.

Versatile creatives and performers, there’s such a buzz around what Too Many T’s get up to that they had already raised money (via their ‘Not Enough Bees’ campaign) to provide hives for 60,000 bees.

Next to the trees! Part of the human community.

The first action (virus permitting) is to plant aminimum of 1,000 trees with willing volunteers. An annual average reduction of 7.6% is required from 2020-2030 to not spark global extreme weather, famine, mass-extinction and war. Trees are guardian family.
Fans will be invited to a secret location outside London to join the band on fun day out planting trees and coming together with food, drinks and an old-school hip
hop playlist co-created by Too Many T’s and their fans. The Fertile Environment in full effect.

“we really (really) give a sh*t and always have. We even went and got master’s degrees in sustainability. What’s more, we know our fans and like-minded musicians around us care as well.”

Too Many Ts know how to impact. They’ve shared stages with the likes of Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan, Del La Soul, Rudimental and Rag n Bone Man. They’ll impact again:

“We aim to make people feel good, but we also really care about the state of the earth and have to speak up and take action in whatever way we can. Trying to combine this positive vibe while highlighting the plight of the earth is not an easy task, but we’ve tried to do that with this project.”

“Launching the track reminds us that there are still many serious issues we are facing, both nationally and globally, and we offer some direct action with Too Many Trees – something we hope will snowball over the years into a huge project.”

The Too Many Trees campaign will give individuals the opportunity to be part of a solution to climate change, with donations from £1.50 to plant a single tree and up to £240 to offset an individual’s average yearly carbon emissions.

The Earth is fucked. Keep showing our creator some love. We can never have too many trees!

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