I,Doris are pop’s Wonderwomen!

Escape from dystopia’s dreary nutsies “news” with ‘Wonderwomen’ the uplifting latest single from London’s ‘mummycore’ feminist pop band I, Doris!

Bright and catchy, this song is accompanied by a suitably DIY comic book strip video which stars the Dorisses donning superhero costumes to tackle everyday epic battles, like the school run, the office, and the supermarket.

This is EXACTLY what 2020 needs. Right NOW.

An absolute delight, the video was filmed just before lockdown – in the supermarket scene you can see the last toilet roll being grabbed!). Dare you not to watch, thensmile!

Doris says of this hooky nu-vintage tinted pop TUNE: Women are often praised for being multi-tasking superheroes – who needs that kind of pressure? This is a song about cutting yourself some slack. If you’ve managed to get the kids to school in one piece, and get through the day without thumping your boss, you’re doing fine.” 

The first week of June 2020 saw the first batch of UK primary school children return to school, and more employees returning to work – for many women the return of the hectic school run dash and/or tiresome workplace politics.

‘Wonderwomen’ follows the band’s previous singles -their theme tune ‘Just Some Doris’ and debut release ‘The Girl From Clapham’ – which both received airplay on Radio X and BBC London.

On-stage, the band are all called Doris, as emblazoned in diamantés on their trademark tabbards. The ever ace Kitmonsters.com points out “you can imagine these Londoners going down a storm at any kind of event.”

Off-stage, they’re Cassie Fox (founder of the LOUD WOMEN festival – bass and vox), Lucy Morgan (keytar and vox), Abby Werth (guitar/vox, and Louisa Edwards Knight on drums.

We all know more than one person who could claim ‘Wonderwomen’ as their own theme tune!

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