Balcony Festival 007: Bonding.

For the Carers UK charity, on Saturday 18th July 2020 from 6pm GMTBalcony Online Festival Number 7

Katie MalcoGod Is In The TV Zine. Stage
Vincent BugoziBenumu Stage
Nervous TwitchReckless Yes Stage
David WoodcockJoyzine Stage
Gris-de-LinSonic Tonic Stage
KJ & The FoxGigSlutz Stage
Dan O’Farrell & The Difference EngineQuarantini – Live Virtual Bar
Donate to Carers UK:

Who cares for the ever essential Carers of our society, – what would we be without them? They are so appreciated, and Carers UK care, that’s who. Give thanks/support, and if you can, please give money.

These events are exclusive and personal performances from high quality, selected artists via a coalition of key media, industry mover shakers and future makers.

💕SEBA!💕 – musical joy bringer, Vincent Bugozi will be appearing on the Benumu Stage. Part of Team Balcony, hear more about this pro active music platform from an artists perspective, plus what to expect at Balcony 7 and raise a smile in this quick festival preview interview. Vincent aces it. Interviewer’s very DIY! Luckily, our welcoming Festival Host, Louise Schofield, is a seasoned and acclaimed media professional!

In fact, Balcony Festival is always teaming up! Get 10% discount with the code BALCONY10 on festival refreshments from the #PubInABox Signature Brew. The Eastenders-land based outfit have been we’re hiring musicians who have had their tours cancelled to help with deliveries.

Signature Brew create music-inspired beers and collaborate with musicians. Kinda the perfect fit for the spirit of Balcony Festival. The Live Streams involved music world chats and virtual meet ups. So hopefully seeya Saturday evening. As ever, “down the front”! Here:


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