BLAB: ‘R.I.P.’

Heeoojazfuq single!

Released on the Essexual Cool Thing Records, ‘R.I.P.’, the debut single from Blab, has got the ROCK swagger of myriad main stage strutters with youth’s literate suss rapping over with bite. Ice-cool as Johnny Marr guitar. BOLD never gets old. This rock is boulder.

Kinda liked it from first listen. Kinda freaking LOVE it, ‘cos I went back, and again. Ha ha. That first listen evoked a memory of Polly Harvey (from Yeovil in the black leather jacket and docs) when she debuted on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury and a hundred thousand jaws dropped at P.J.Harvey’s bright pink cat suit. I enjoy being vintage but am thrilled that new heritage is being made. Blab is definitely a 50ft Queenie.

The musicians who are a product of two decades of popular culture amplified by the world wide web have no boundaries of inspiration. Music, Art, Books, Politics and working things out for themselves into new thrills and hope for us all. Dystopian pop twisted into The Streets with punk’s DIY arsekick.

Aah, that sign off line…

Having supported Rat Boy as a teen, composer, vocalist and guitarist Fran Murray a.k.a. Blab is building her own reputation (rapidly) with this real contender. It’s a year of artists having to stand up, gig-less, on the strength of their skills, charisma and creativity. Straight on the must-catch-a-show bucket list!

Lyrically a knowing wit-spit of frustration, ‘R.I.P.’ is a helluva way to debut. As isolation creation videos go, this is DIY beyond lockdown’s inhibitors;

I wish Earth could say RIP to billionaires and other planet/humanity fuckers. The reality of everything could drive you screeching crazy if, every now and then, you don’t listen to massive freakers like ‘R.I.P.’ – People, turn up this medicine!

Added to TheZineUK’s #NewerWave Rocks Spotify Playlist, too.

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