When This Is Over


A spartacus tinted summery anthem from The Velvet Hands for Music Venue Trust

dan, sam, louis, toby by harvey williams fairly

Fact. This is gonna be so many of us after lockdown: “Walk down the street with a big fat grin, new shoes on my feet and I’ve had a trim…”

Fuct. We’ve a long way to go to grinning.

We’ll get there. Britain is a nation with community boozing at heart (see TV). Although we’ve been divided then locked down. One day again, we will be reunited and rocked out. Until then, stay safe because we are not being looked after by those in charge of the nation, any more than the positive, socially inclusive gig spaces are.

“ALL OUR MUSIC VENUES ARE DYING COS OUR GOVERNMENT ARE TOTAL LEGENDS AND DON’T GIVE A FOOK ABOUT THEM. no worries tho because we’ve made a charity single over at VH hq that’s going to save the world/all our indie venues. all we need you to do is share it with all your mates, all your enemies, your mothers lovers brother, your nan, her dog, your cousin…” (The Velvet Hands)

‘When This Is Over’, is an uplifting earworm that already sounds like one of the most hopeful and bright-as-it’s-art things about the darker ages, or “2020” as it’s more commonly known.

#artbeat by purple knif

The Velvet Hands know how to mainline a musical pulse. The tongue in cheek ‘down the pub’ chant of ‘When This Is Over’ doesn’t distract from a summery guitar-pop earworm (produced by John Logan and Jam X) to soundtrack your pub safari. A tune, that also works perfectly for our DIY home and shed boozer super Saturday safaris!

The band themselves are a golden thread in TheZineUK tales tapestry – like grandchildren of The Rolling Stones if they had shagged the Cavern-era Beatles. 21st Century originals, Velvet Hands emit energetic, alternative rock music that really rolls.

They cause absolute scenes playing the rising star tour circuit that #SaveOurVenues and #LetTheMusicPlay is about. When This Is Over, you can get this feeling for yourself.

Please help fund those Grassroots Music Venues. The band have the last word:

“we’ve spent more years in sweaty venues than we’d care to admit, together we can save them. you can donate here

Fullest VH updates and info : https://facebook.com/thevelvethands/

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