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The Zine UK (pronounced “Zeen”) as this collective ranges from teens to legendary pensions – we are all #Zeenagers. The Zine UK was created to promote the exciting innovation under radar. Austerity skint, gentrification/Brexit shadowed, what we lack in £ we make up for in hope and adventures. Thank you so much all that support with mentions, guest list, feedback, hugs, access, cases of booze and long putting-the-world-to-rights conversations. We appreciate it. By 2019, this very DIY collective is growing in both reputation and readership.

Back Story

Up to 2012, cut-n-paste music fanzine series, Monthly Planet, scouted/nurtured and promoted new talent, consistently growing it’s readership (largely artists, promoters, bloggers, and industry). The scene was set for newer and bigger adventures through fresh multi media.

​Poetry, fashion, design, visuals, theatre, technology, film, literature and ideas mix with seminal star turns at ArtBeat events. It lights fuses. TheZineUK was born through ideas exchanged at these music social. At the end of 2013, experienced Entertainment Industry professionals, who had gone underground for kicks, harnessed this potential. Making Rocklands (i.e. S.E.London postcodes) a reality – an impromptu photo session at Fordham Park’s inaugural Party In The Park, behind the scenes snaps at TryLife TV filming (Amersham Arms), a fashion shoot in Little Nan’s Bar at The Bunker in Deptford/New Cross Inn and footage, behind the scenes at Soccer Six at the 02) plus interviews with rock bands CuT (by Dizzy Spell) and Mourning Birds (by Caffy St Luce) – all inspired  the foundations of Chapter 1.

Photographer Rupert Hitchcox (who now works with our allies, the established and acclaimed, independent music culture site, events promoter and radio show Joyzine) had 15 minutes to get a low lit shot in the Natural History Museum and Rhiannon The Nightmare graced the first cover. We’re not “the music press”, this is a free style, instinctive way of choosing and doing things. A story driven by situationism.

TheZineUK launched in 2014

​DIY, situationist and organic, the year began with a punk and poetry gig on Tin Pan Alley. We called it a roadshow of uniqulture. We only had two gigs! The calibre of the first show earned an official stage at the Camden Crawl Festival finale, and that’s how we roll. In Spring 2014 TheZineUK Chapter 1 was uploaded. We go forward. In 2019, We are hosting regular socials where the A-List of the music underground come to party, share ideas and eat cake.


The Zine UK has been involved with some amazing under the radar creators and performers. We seek to connect marketable, personable and engaging musical and fashion talent with recognition and employment. Our modus operandi for this collective is to create a hybrid with an edge, inspired by excitements pertinent to the music/fashion/technology industries and our contributors.

Unique Selling Point?

#TheZineUK fuses bands and brands (musical equipment, clothing, accessories, footwear and lifestyle). Through editorial and co- promotion we soundtrack design and vision towards new possibilities. Using affordable creative technology and passion fuelled social inclusion, our live music events are board meetings to make new discoveries and friends at. Our lives are a performance art experiment. Documented in 2014-2016 in chapters. Over ambitious ideas (including successful 2015 and 2016 Expos) without boundaries. By 2019, we are a stand alone documentation of new music movement.


Diversity in our DNA. We come from every background/orientation, genre tastes, generation, gender and other generalisations. Uniqulture is like multi culture, but without any labels other than human. A musical magical mystery tour of pictures, words and friendship has proved a useful algorithm of ‘Ones To Watch’, as we follow bands to weave this tale. We are Live Music Event Promoters to the next stars. 

“Worried you’ll miss the next big thing in sound? They’re probably here.”  @LdnAtLarge previews one of TheZineUK’s artbeat music socials.

​Team? We are eternally grateful to the talents (some established, some very much up and coming) that share our vision. The Zine UK is an ongoing digital and analogue promotion of their work. They raise the bar and we recommend employing their passion for your next project.

​Degeneration, Degentrification, Declassification. We are often behind the scenes and connected to various aspects of industry and arts. This is not only escapism from the dystopia of broken Britain, it is also hands on market research proving that DIY is a valid form of doing business and getting results. (Oh, and what a soundtrack we have).

#StageStyle – A roller coaster of exhibition and entertainment driving a movement where DIY catwalks on stage and street alike.
We have no choice but to be resourceful! 

Image: Dizzy Spell, Manic Street Preachers tour 2014. The photographer for our live review didn’t make the show. So, not one to waste The Zine’s photo pass, Dizzy got in the pit with her iPhone. Always an image of stage-style: in her own right, her gold leopard print cat suit captured the attention of photographer Mike Burnell, (whose images of Manic Street Preachers graced Chapter 2 of our picture book) and Nicky Wire.

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