Bloc Party – Newcastle 02 Academy, 12 July 2019

Howay the lads! It’s Friday Neet, we’re in “The Toon” and as always in Newcastle, there’s a party going on.

It’s hammering it down outside, so having wisely rescheduled to the O2 Academy away from an outdoor quayside venue, many are speculating whether the weather was cleverly foreseen.

WTF! It’s sardines in the O2 and judging by the expectant, over excited crowd, the atmosphere has more static than a kids balloon on a mohair jumper!

From the minute Bloc Party stride on stage like conquering heroes, the hairs on my neck set my spider sense tingling with anticipation!

The whole audience then erupts bigger than Krakatoa, in one huge unified happy sonic boom!

I find myself joining the other 2,000 Zebedee’s happily bouncing around like excited teenagers on space hoppers.

Bloc Partys’ genius – in touring their iconic album “Silent Alarm” in it’s entirety – is proving to be a masterstroke nation-wide.

It’s a refreshing call to arms for their adoring old guard fans, while gathering a whole new army of eager recruits along the way.

With a set full of total bangers featuring ‘Helicopter’, ‘Banquet’ and personal fave ‘So Here We Are’ it’s such a joy to be part of a crowd who sing every word from start to finish; a testament to their timeless brilliance.

As the saying goes: “The Good Will Out!”…lets hope that Bloc Party remain “Ooot and Abooot” for years to come.

Northern Jon

Thank you to 13 Artists for the tickets

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