Meet the Team

Editor in Chief: Dizzy Spell

Events/Diary/Picture Books: Caffy St Luce

The Zine UK Contributors:

Monefa Walker

Elly Bailey

Sandy K. Moz

Alexes Rogers

Rozzie Manic

Special Features:

Heather Minx Ferguson

Guest Writers:


Megan Ridgeway

AP Childs

Harriet Willis

Helena Hughes

Northern Jon

Zine And Heard Video Content by:

Heather ‘The Minx’ Ferguson – Minx Media TV

Katie O

Website Management/Online Marketing Consultant:

Corby Taylor

Marketing : Angela Martin

Photography & Film (Alphabetically):

Alan Wells Photography

Ange Cobham

David Gomes

Duncan Stafford

John Clay

Jon Mo

Jonny Apz

Keira Cullinane

Lisa Perry

Lorna Cort

​Michaela Darrington

Model D Photography

Paul W. Dixon

Rhona Murphy

Sarah Gibson

Tarquin Clark

Trust A Fox (Nidge Luhg Sanders)


TheZineUK FM : Jean Genie Graham

TheZineUK DJ – Disco MarkY (The Guardian, Team Rock)

Food and Drink : Sabrina Settle

Film/Video/DoP: Joe Moon (Electric Owls)

Design : Jacob Shoobridge Chandler

Special Correspondents​

Amelia Donovan

Gordon Raphael

Much appreciation for previous collaborations:

Ben Dodd : Styling for early Zine UK articles

Celine Hispiche : Rizer Magazine

Charis Crawford : Ragged Cult Mag

Chenaii A. Madhoo: Ragged Cult Mag

Daniela Fleckenstein 

Danny De Freitas :(Hair and Make Up on Chapter 003)

Destiny Madhoo :(Fashion and Music blogger)

DJ Gavin Black : (Dance /  Greenwich Films)

Jason Joyce :(Chapter 003 fashion and music interview cover shoot with Lauren Neko)

Jason Warren : Axis Arts

Katie Willoughby: (Photography)

Matt Finucane :(Musician, Composer, Writer)

Nicola Brinxx: (Article)

Nina Almond: (Photography)

Pat Pope :(Venues Day 2015 images)

Polly Harvey: (Photography)

Rupert Hitchcox: (Photography)

Sam Briggs : Music / Culture.

Steve Double : Chapter 001 images

Terry Cedar : Zine And Heard pilots

Tom Sheehan : Chapter 007 images

Huge thanks to all that have supported us already including all the artists, plus co-promoters Fierce Panda/Club Fandango, Benumu, Kick Out The Jams and Modern Age Music,  DJs Simon Price (Manics biographer and tour DJ), Mark Beaumont (The Guardian, NME) Andy Palmer at Amersham Arms, Mrs Jones, Hall Or Nothing, Kelly Munroe at End Of The Trail, Mikey Jonns (This Feeling), Sailor Jerry Rum (The Great Escape Festival stage 204), Estrella Garcia (No3 Expo 2015), Kitmonsters/Playhard (ArtBeatFest 2016), Pococello(SoccerSixFest 2017) and all the awesome fashion and music PRs/management/festivals and allies that assist with accreditation for events and artists interviews etc, plus clothing for the stars (i.e. Noose & Monkey, Fulwood London, Paul Simenon collection for Sailor Jerry.)