The C33s at The Peer Hat

The C33s …Refresh The Parts Other Bands Cannot Reach…!

Northern Jon caught The C33s playing their first hometown headline show (sold out) and is exhilarated.

“Turn that unholy racket off! – and where’s my Blondie Record??” Said my old man in ’77 when I came back from “Our Price” (record shop) with my first ever 7″ single – ‘Sex Pistols’ – ‘Holidays In The Sun’.

Fast forward to Manchester 2019.

Seeing The C33s evoke those ground-breaking childhood memories – hearing such cacophonous, joyous, raw anger and energy again – was as exhilarating, as it was refreshing.

Cav, Judy and Ste are definitely one of the most exciting and talented garage punk combos on the planet and their star is definitely ascending quicker than Yuri Gagarin on Red Bull!

Judy Jones (drums), Cav Green (guitar/vocals), Ste Phillips (bass)

With a mix of songs from last summer’s introductory EP, ’48 Hours at Neon Palms’ and this year’s debut single, ‘Manic Depression’, The C33s have left their adoring crowd breathless tonight with eight turbo charged songs in less than thirty minutes!

Having lifted the roof off the basement of Manchesters’ Peer Hat – there won’t be a venue on earth tall enough to contain them soon, so if you’re lucky enough to catch them, bring your telescope, ride the elevator to the penthouse bar, buy these guys’ a shot and toast their lift off…!

All together now…10…9…8…7…. The C33s

Northern Jon

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