Zine & Heard

CroCroLand – Bang Bang Romeo interview

From the pages of our story book to the world. New Wave pop heroes, Bang Bang Romeo, are possessed with an amazing talent, positive attitude and hard work that is paying off. Take inspiration from hearing what’s happening next in their lives and join potential future festival headliners (quite a few at this sold out music festival proving there is demand) in their activism on behalf of our culture.

TheZineUK x Gordon Raphael

A few seconds of the laughter that happens behind the scenes of TheZineUK with music world legend, Gordon Raphael, Chenaii Abioseh Crawford Corri of Ragged Cult Magazine. Both are contributors, and part of our story. Clip – The Strokes (produced by Gordon, loved by millions) chat – by Caffy St Luce (Live Events/Diary) on an #artbeat powered, Deptford double decker bus.

CroCroLand – Blood Red Shoes interview

Behind the scenes at Cro Cro Land Music Festival with Blood Red Shoes. Live footage and interviews with Steven Ansell and Laura Mary Carter. CroCroLand was created by The Croydonist (founded/run by Angela Martin, guitarist/lead singer of Bugeye and Julia Woollams of 31% Wool Ltd). Interview and Production by Heather Ferguson/Minx Media. Camera Ops: Jack McAvoy, Arvin Pour, Courtney Andrews and Albert Jagger. Assistant: Rebecca Pitman. Editor: Angela Martin

Fontaines D.C. Kick Out The Jams!

Spits out Brits out… Under radar, rock n roll rises. This was Fontaines D.C.‘s second show of 2018 for Kick Out The Jams, in December at The Good Mixer pub in Camden. #KOTJmixup music socials fuse key artists and passionate audiences with creative futures. Sponsored by Rotor Videos, Allied with Musicians Against Homelessness and TheZineUK. Filming by Robin Skinner. Live performance clip; ‘Boys In The Better Land‘ (from debut album, ‘Dogrel‘). A punky Newer Wave moment, and soundtrack.

Smiley & The Underclass

The Zine UK’s editor, Dizzy Spell, interviewed Smiley from the fabulous Smiley & The Underclass at Little Nan’s Bar in Deptford. One for all the rebels out there…

Katie O, filmed presenter debut

“We all love This Feeling!” Multi talented music passion, Katie Owen (now of our allies, the fab KG Interviews with Georgia Griffiths) in a quick clip from her first filmed interview with Dan Able and Toby Mitchell of more (rocking) friends, The Velvet Hands. Filmed for TheZineUK by David Gomes of Electric Owls films. All are #FuturePicks rising, consistently. Watch our story and the galaxy of stars twinkling under the radar of mainstream. Many thanks to Mikey and This Feeling fam, our tapestry wouldn’t be the same without one of the regular Zeenager hangouts…

TheZineUK kick off Year 5

Thank you to Louise Schofield TV for clips and chats from a special evening at Camden Monarch with deux furieuses, The Rezner, Rhiannon The Nightmare, Peggy From Earth and a load of friends out for fun. So much talent in the room, on and off stage. Truly a fertile environment.

M O S E S headline The Music People Party

A glimpse of rock n roll joy bringers, MOSES, at Camden Monarch. Bootleg audio. ‘Cause You Got Me’ video; Photo by Mike Rădulescu. The Music People Party is an end of year celebration of the Newer Wave community coming together, on and off stage. The artists and audience are creative and performing industry/media faces of the future. This was December 2018 with The Cosmics, The C33s, presenter Peggy From Earth (Peggy’s World, Boogaloo Radio), photography by Lisa Perry, filming by Louise Schofield TV, presented by Rocklands ArtBeat musician, witch, promoter; Monefa Walker. TheZineUK is a spectrum of poetic souls.

Magick – A Spell

TheZineUK editor, Dizzy Spell, interviewed by multi-twinkler, Simon Price (who also kindly DJ’d for one of our stages at The Great Escape Festival) for The Quietus. Discussing ‘The Holy Bible’ by Manic Street Preachers, who are one of the threads in our tapestry. TheZineUK popped-up in a wide open space – The Ministry Of Fluff And Dreams – and created consistently until cashbrained hipsters killed it.

Magick – A Wizard

Zeenagers are all generations from the teens documenting and connecting at the must-see shows to icons of the original punk scene. Thank you for being with us Bruno, what a load of adventures we have. A trailer for the acclaimed movie ‘The Heart Of Bruno Wizard‘ which also explains a lot of what TheZineUK is about, even in this day and age.

Magick – A Genie

Our Jean Genie, that is, and so many more allies. In 70 seconds, a glimpse into our first year. Chapter 1 of the picture book ends with TryLife TV.Expo Beats’, created and recorded by Little Death Machine, soundtracks clips of friends up to our first Expo. Thank you to Grant Baines for creating No.3 London’s best life.